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Hello to everyone viewing this. I would like to invite everyone to come and help out on the Borderlands Fanon Wiki. In that wiki, you can make your own fan made stories, roleplays, characters, locations etc. But at the moment the wiki isn't really isn't as good as the one you're currently on, so I urge people, anyone who has an interest in making fan content, please put on the fanon wiki. I also urge people to take part in a project on that wiki known as OPERATION: Revival. This project has been made because before the 26th September, the last edit was in February. Out of the people that help, I will allocate SIX admins. The criteria for adminship will be made soon.

Please come and help out.

Borderlands Fanon Wiki

Note: I apologise for advertising but BFW really does need help. It was made back in 2010 and has since only had 30-ish pages.

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