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Name Manufacturer Base weapon Description
Dahlminator Dahl Dart Corrosive pistol with homing rounds.
Fibber Hyperion Apparatus Powerful pistol with randomised firing characteristics.
Judge Jakobs Revolver or Wheelgun Revolver with bonus critical damage.
Law Jakobs Revolver or Wheelgun +100% melee damage revolver designed to work with Order.
Rubi Maliwan Aegis Incendiary/Corrosive revolver that heals the wielder while an enemy suffers a status effect.
Teapot Dahl Repeater Corrosive handgun with enhanced splash effects.
Tinderbox Bandit Pistal Incendiary pistol with arcing rounds.
Veritas Vladof Assassin

Automatic pistol with bonus to Fight For Your Life time.

Gwen's Head Dahl Anaconda

Fires 7 round bursts while aimed.

Lady Fist Hyperion Apparatus

Greatly increased critical hit damage.

Gub Bandit Pistal

Corrosive pistol with large magazines.

Gunerang Tediore Handgun

Thrown like a homing boomerang when reloaded.

Hornet Dahl Repeater

Fires 5 round bursts when aimed. Always corrosive.

Infinity Vladof Anarchist

Shots do not consume ammo. Recoil is set in an infinity symbol pattern.

Logan's Gun Hyperion Vision

Incendiary E-Tech. Rounds penetrate enemies and can explode several times.

Maggie Jakobs Iron

Fires a 6 pellet spread per shot, much like a Masher.

Thunderball Fists Maliwan Aegis

Shots produce electric orbs that cause additional damage.

Devastator Torgue Slapper

Fires 2 round bursts.

Submachine Guns


Assault Rifles

Sniper Rifles

Rocket Launchers

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Compiled by User:Evil Tim & User:CollosoNeil.