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As the title hints I would be intersted for anyone to provide the name and stats for the " best Chimera" reasoning is I have one that is the best i've ever heard of and i see no problem with it and was curious as to how much better it can get.--Tbone0923 19:29, May 6, 2010 (UTC)

(edit - GT same as name)

Oh yeah I would be interested in trading not duping

the BEST chimera would be an AX10 pearl Chimera with about 1180 or so power and 4x element. anything MUCH higher would probably be modded <<signed vegginater>>

It gets the 1000's. You sure are asking for a lot dude. I don't mean to sound like a dick, but all I have been seeing on this forum from you is you asking for the best, of the best, from the best, by the best. =D Yoshi-TheOreo July 23, 2010

so far from farming craw countless amounts of times, the fruits of my labor have provided this:

lvl 59 AX300 Pearl Chimera- 1141 damage, 93.6 acc, 2.0fr, 2 shot clip, x4 elemental, 3.7x zoom, -4 mag size, and 7% rec. reduction.

its been a long time since i found this and I have yet to top it, and before anyone starts yappin their trap, this is not a construct, i farm craw alone and offline, and I have yet to get a cyan weapon after running atleast 300+ runs. GT- IX GURP XI

I believe ya. That's a nice find GURP. One, because of the AX code, which is a Body 5, means the damage is great. So in revolvers, AXs ones may be capped at a 1000-1400 or slightly more. The highest damaged revolver I found is around 1338, but it's a Jacobs so I'm not sure if damage is judged by manufacture. Yoshi-TheOreo July 23, 2010

Manufacturer does play a big role in all aspects of the gun, and Jakobs tends to sacrifice rof and mag for sheer bullet power. After all, their motto is 'If it took more than one shot, then you weren't usings a Jakobs.' LoZ4Ever 18:49, July 25, 2010 (UTC)

I have one thats all most identical to GURPS execpt it has 1100 damage flat. I did get it from craw but i to only play offline but i usually farm craw with a hunter-siren team solo in splitscreen with the +2 rare item coms equiped. it seems to make a difference in the drops.Veggienater 20:02, July 25, 2010 (UTC)

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