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Badass Class mods

Alright, time to talk class mods. Sure there are the legendaries that boost here and there. But how about (if Gearbox could squeeze it in) Badass class mods that focus entirely on one skill tree? The level they could be should be Pearlescent, due to the sheer power such mods would boast. So heres my take if Gearbox would ever make them.

-The skills the mods would boost would be all the leveling skills in one tree by +4, +5, or +6. So not the skills with only one point to them.

-Each mod also has it's own perks for three stat boost. Here's my suggestions for them.

-all mods are listed from left to right skill trees.


Badass Guerrilla

This is my turret, it's my gun. It is for fighting and for fun!

up to: +6 for guerrilla leveling skills

  • +60% Turret duration
  • +55% Team shield recharge rate
  • -55% Team shield recharge delay.

Badass Gun Man

Rangers lead the way!

up to: +6 for gunpower leveling skills

  • +600% Turret health
  • +45% gun damage
  • +75% Nuke radius

Badass Survivalist

It's a positive additude that's most importaint. That.. and fire.

up to: +6 for survival leveling skills

  • +15% of max health regen
  • +75% fight for your life time
  • +55% Action skill Cooldown rate


Badass Matriarch

HEY! Listen.. to me!

up to: +6 for Motion leveling skills

  • +150% phaselock duration
  • +20% damage reduction
  • +50% movement speed

Badass Angel

Hellooo angelic nurse!

up to: +6 for Harmony leveling skills

  • +15% team max health regen
  • +50% melee cooldown rate
  • +15% life steal

Badass Destructor

She make them burn with the will of her hand.

up to: +6 for Cataclysm leveling skills

  • +50% element effect duration on enemies
  • +45% team cooldown rate
  • +35% gun damage


Badass Gun Luster

For that revolutionary amigo..

up to: +6 for Gun Lust leveling skills

  • +45% Fire rate
  • +45% Gun Damage
  • +75% Weapon swap speed

Badass Rampager

I gunzerk them!

up to: +6 for Rampage leveling skills

  • +7.0 team bullet regen
  • +45% Action skill Cooldown rate
  • +45% Reload speed

Badass Brute

Whoaa.. tanks.. look at the tanks!

up to: +6 for Brawn leveling skills

  • +15% of max health regen
  • +20% damage reduction
  • -45% status effect duration


Badass Sniper

Always remember, wind and gravity change shots, but not in this game.

up to: +6 for Sniping leveling skills

  • +60% team accuracy
  • +75% Sniper damage
  • +75% Sniper crit hit damage

Badass Pretator

This ain't no movie, the happy ending is mine, insert hunter roar.

up to: +6 for Cunning leveling skills

  • +15% of max health regen
  • +10 second Deathmark duration
  • +50% movement speed

Badass Ninja

Why talk when I cloak? It gives away my presence. Ninjas shouldn't talk.

up to: +6 for Bloodshed leveling skills

  • +200% melee damage
  • +55% action skill cooldown rate
  • +35% Gun damage


Badass Robot lover

You do remember that contest was rigged? Right?

up to: +6 for Best Friends Forever leveling skills

  • +50% shield capacity
  • +55% action skill cooldown rate
  • +15% damage reduction

Badass Element Master

All your elements are belong to us.

up to: +6 for Little Big Trouble leveling skills

  • +50% element effect duration on enemies
  • +65% team element effect damage
  • +45% element damage reduction to player.

Badass Anarchist

Now I CAN hit something!.. for a short while anyways.

up to: +6 for Ordered Chaos leveling skills

  • +45% reload speed
  • +65% gun damage
  • +150% accuracy


Badass Blood

BLOOD! EXPLOSIONS! Good times...

up to: +6 for Bloodlust leveling skills

  • +6.0 second bloodlust stack time
  • +75% team kill skill time
  • +50% explosive damage

Badass Maniac


up to: +6 for Mania leveling skills

  • -12% chance to hit yourself with melee. Silence the voices no longer hits yourself
  • +150% Fight for your Life time
  • +300% melee damage

Badass Hellborn


up to: +6 for Hellborn leveling skills

  • 100% fire resist. Igniting yourself will no longer hurt you, but it will still show up.
  • +150% burn duration for player.
  • +200% element effect duration on enemies.

All above ideas originated from the mind of MythicShadows (talk) 16:57, October 30, 2013 (UTC)

So what you think?

Leave comments about above and current favorite in game class mods below here.