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Before you ask:

Is it listed as a title on the wiki? Is it overpowered? Were you playing in an open game?

Mod Names

  • Shared weapon names
    • Twisted prefix.
    • Anarchy title, but is not an SMG with accuracy 27.0 - 35.0 (inclusive)
    • Matador or Shredder titles, but not a combat shotgun.
    • If the above mentioned titles, or those of the pearlescent or orange variety:
      • appear twice, i.e. in both the prefix and title slots.
      • appear on each others' item cards.
      • have a different rarity color.
  • Stock weapons
    • Machine Gun, Repeater Pistol, Shotgun


by Bukkithead

and look at Legendary Prefixes



"Deadly Hellfire"

Im assuming it is probably modded but i have a lvl 50 "Deadly Hellfire." It is orange like the regular hellfire and looks like a legit weapon. Its stats are also similar to the regular hellfire with 6100 dam 92.3 acc 8.0 fire rt 3.5 rl spd 36 mag size (clearly not overpowered). The strange thing about it (besides the different prefix) is that it is made by Torgue and has no elemental damage. This is really wierd because honestly it is probably a worse weapon than a regular Hellfire which is why I really questioned whether it was actually modded or not. Thanks for the help in advance. EDIT: Also i forgot to mention that when i reload it there is no character interaction with the gun... the magazine just pops out of the side and goes back into the weapon as if it were being regularly reloaded but you can not see your characters hand but it still takes time to reload it isn't instant or anything. —Preceding unsigned comment added by CF GaMeBReaKeR (talkcontribs)

  • "6100 dam [...] (clearly not overpowered)"
    • For a level 50 submachine gun, it's overpowered.
  • "it is made by Torgue and has no elemental damage"
    • Did you really have to ask if it's modded?
  • "This is really wierd"
    • Yes.
  • "when i reload it there is no character interaction with the gun"
    • Mismatched parts and slots do that to reload animations.
Okay case closed. Run along now, kiddos.  nagy   talkScorpio-fulllog     11:38, July 14, 2013 (UTC)

A Badass shield called Badass.

So I was playing co-op when I met this guy. He seemed cool, so I didn't leave imediatly. Later on after foolin' around he gave me this shield that was BADASS. The shields title is TDR-55OAWE BADASS BADASS. It's a Tediore shield. Its capacity is 214748 and its recharge delay is 5. It's tooltip is just "Quick Health Regeneration!" And its worth a BUTLOAD of money. We're talking $9999999. I also got a pic of it. Here. Look at it.
20140720 162207-1-

The shield

So there. Is it modded? Or acttually in the gane?

Edit: Thanks for letting me know. Not good with whats modded or not. Thought it was just a really rare sheild.

Fryguysigwob 22:55, July 20, 2014 (UTC)
If you see an item whose sale price is 9999999, it is definately modded.Epicpoke (talk) 13:39, July 22, 2014 (UTC)
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