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So I'm back into BL2 now that I heard there's new loot, but I'm having a dumb issue. Right around the section of the main campaign where you need to go to Arid Nexus, I went off and ripped through Big Game Hunt with my Mechromancer, and put on about ten levels in the process. So now I come back to the main game, and I can one-shot basically everything with my revolver. Even worse, Captain Scarlett is also underleveled, with just about everything 5-10 levels below me, and loot to match. Weird thing is, I hadn't started Captain Scarlett until after Big Game Hunt, so I was thinking everything past the first couple quests would reset to be even with me.

So how screwed am I? For reference, I'm still at Arid Nexus and haven't killed the Warrior on my Mechro yet, so I can't go TVHM (not that I'd really want to anyways, it kicks my ass). Ravinoff (talk) 02:04, April 18, 2013 (UTC)

What you should do to up the levels in those areas... That's about the max any of them go to on normal. That being around LV 30. Good way to go, get through normal and all side missions (NOT THE DLCs!) untill after the BNK-3R and Angel core battles. By then you should be LV 30 so you can go to Scarlet and Torgue DLCs, back to the main up to beating the Warrior, then the Hunt after the main story is done. Otherwise, yep, you're stuck. You can always just start all over again.

By the time you're done with all normal, you should be around 38-40 ish. I've barely finished most of the TVHM with my assassin and he's hovering around 53 ish before I've yet to get to Hunt DLC. So by UVHM, you might be around 55 or so before even starting.

Speaking of leveling, with all the skill points you'll get, that allows for two trees to be filled to the point of getting to the bottom skill along with 4 more points that can go into the third tree. I like getting at least one skill point into everything, so this info is cool to me. MythicShadows (talk) 04:29, April 18, 2013 (UTC)

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