So I have been fighting threeshers for about a week now on all three playthroughs and I CAN NOT get the I guess ULTRA MEGA SUPER DUPER INCREDIBLY RARE skin to drop! I really want it for my siren. Same goes for the dumb ass Bunker head. Willing to trade whatever I have that anyone wants... even though Im certain the lot of you already have better weapons than I do, but I don't even care anymore been at it for days. Or if anyone knows any tips on how to get rare things to drop or how to farm that'd be great. My name is ( iiiegalinternet ) on Xbox hope so hear from someone soon... anyone. 
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I have not checked into how rare item mechanics work in BL2 yet so I apologize if I am wrong about this.

I would try to make the game appear to have four players and have a rare loot drop relic on. The relic can be obtained with the collectors edition pack and this guide gives instructions on how to make the game think there are 4 players.

This just might increase the quality of the drop itself, rather than increase the chances of it dropping... I am not sure. It sounds like its worth a shot to you though. I got my skin from Caustic Caverns, stepping outside the door past the weapon machine before the end of Minecart Mischief outside deep core #6, I was just checking out the area I had been before (I am on steam though).

The person to ask about the rarity/chances would probably be Daemmerung... he (most likely) will know. Final signature 09:35, July 27, 2013 (UTC)

Hmm... thanks Ill try and see what happens. Crossing fingers I never have more than two players on at a time myself included and I don't want to open it up for public because I scared they might take it lol. And I just made another character to get another rare loot drop relic... I sold mine in anger because nothing EVER dropped. Anyway Thanks back to work I go... well on Borderlands.