Forums: Index > Item trading XBox 360 > After 3 straight days of Bunker farming, I still need a lvl 56-60 Sham pleas, I beg of thee! Release me of my burden!!!!! Thanks, gamertag DarkAthiestX on Xbox 360

The Sham really is my last quasi-required item before I start Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode.  I'm  a lv 56 Assassin (whom may on occassion tend to play the game as a Gunzerker who just so happens is great in stealth ,  I have legendaries to trade and I also would be glad to help with any obstacles youve found yourself stuck in.  Send me a message if interested.  All legendaries are acceptable in theory. Trades, Farming, Boss Slaying . . . if your doing any of those thigs, then I am your soldier of fortune.

Oblivion137Oblivion137 (talk) 01:31, March 30, 2014 (UTC)

360GT: DarkAtheistX

I may have a Sham you are looking for. Have not played BL 2 in a few months so cant remember its stats. Send a request on Xbox live GT same as my signature. --Veggienatersml 02:23, March 30, 2014 (UTC)