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5HR4PN3-7 is an idea for a DLC Demobot class character for Borderlands 2.


5HR4PN3-7 is a Torgue Demolition and Construction Android sent to Pandora to build Torgue manufacturing plants to better compete with Hyperion. After starting construction near Fyrestone, 5HR4PN3-7 encountered several Hyperion Loaders under orders to disrupt construction of the Torgue plant. The Loaders were no match for Torgue explosive technology, but several Loader assaults, and the concussive force of several explosions, took their toll on 5HR4PN3-7. His AI core damaged, he shut down to effect repairs. During the shutdown, Claptrap stumbled upon him and, hoping to find a new friend, "repaired" 5HR4PN3-7's AI core with fragments of his own AI. This made 5HR4PN3-7 self-aware and slightly insane. He awoke, thanked Claptrap, and continued working on the Torgue plant. Claptrap left, sad, rejected, lonely, but who cares about that? Eventually, 5HR4PN3-7 discovered that the act of demolition was far more pleasant that construction, and started destroying more than building. Another wave of Loaders approached 5HR4PN3-7, but were taken care of with a swiftness and ruthlessness that neither 5HR4PN3-7 nor Mr. Torgue had ever seen before. Seeing amazing potential and opportunities before him, Mr. Torgue gave new orders to 5HR4PN3-7: Destroy Hyperion. 5HR4PN3-7, now designated Shrapnel, was all too happy to oblige.

Action Skill


A compartment opens in Shrapnel's chest that reveals a number of missile salvos. Whenever the player presses the action skill button, Shrapnel fires a missile from his chest, dealing massive explosive element damage with a large AOE. If the player waits, the salvo can build up missiles and fire up to six at once. The missiles do not require ammunition, but during the time Salvo is active, Shrapnel takes increased damage from the front, since his internal components are exposed.

Skill Trees

Torgue Loyalty

Though Shrapnel is programmed to be loyal to Torgue, his devotion is still rewarded. His Torgue armaments gain the power to fire gyrojets that split into smaller rockets mid-flight, increase the number of rockets fired at once, attach miniature nuclear warheads to his ammunition, and even cause corpses to explode.

Skill Tier Levels Effect
Practiced Hands 1 5 +8% Reload Speed with Torgue guns per level.
Firm Grip 1 5 +5% Recoil Reduction with Torgue guns per level.
Fuel Injection 2 5 +5% Fire Rate with Torgue guns per level.
Here Comes the... 2 5 +5% Explosion damage and +1% Explosion AOE on Torgue guns per level.
Barrel Lubrication 3 5 +20% Bullet Speed on Torgue guns per level.
Ménage à Trois 3 1 Minor Gamechanger. Torgue rounds, upon detonation, split into three smaller grenades that detonate around the target. These grenades deal damage equal to a third of the original round.
Double Team 3 5 +10% chance per level to fire 2 shots with each pull of the trigger instead of just 1 when wielding a Torgue gun.
Sugar Daddy 4 1 Increase rarity and quality of all Torgue guns found.
Gore-gasm 4 5 If an enemy is killed with a Torgue Gun, after about 3 seconds, there is a 10% chance per level that the corpse will explode, dealing additional damage to surrounding enemies.
Ready for Round Two? 5 5 Kill Skill. Whenever Shrapnel kills an enemy with a Torgue Gun, he temporarily gains +5% fire rate and bullet speed per level, and all Torgue rounds have increased explosion radius
Nitrous Reservoir Tip 6 1 Major Gamechanger. Doubles damage and blast radius with Torgue guns, and adds bonus burn damage on all enemies within radius. In exchange, ammunition expended per shot increases by 1.



The Targeting tree is all about improving Shrapnel's Salvo ability and his accuracy with long-range explosives. He can make any grenade he wields a Longbow grenade, increase the number of rockets the Salvo fires, and even hundreds of smaller rockets that rain death upon his enemies.

Skill Tier Levels Effect
Cook 1 5 Reduces Grenade Fuse Time by 5% per level, and increases Blast Radius by 4% per level.
Optical Recalibration 1 5 Increases accuracy with all weapons by 5% per level.
Laser Scope 2 5 Increases accuracy and damage of launchers by 2% per level, but reduces their fire rate by 2% per level.
Propulsion System 2 5 +10% Projectile speed of Salvo missiles per level.
Damn the Torpedoes 3 5 Increase movement speed by 8% per level while Salvo is active.
Tele-frag 3 1 Minor Gamechanger. All grenades you throw are Longbow Grenades.
Battleship 3 5 Increases number of missiles Salvo can compile by 1 per level.
Surface to Air 4 5 Salvo missiles deal 10% more damage per level to airborne enemies while you are on the ground. This includes jumping enemies.
Dreadnought 4 5 Increase Grenade carrying capacity by 1 per level, Rocket carrying capacity by 2 per level, and Salvo missiles compile faster for each level.
Anti-Tank 5 5 Salvo missiles deal 10% more damage per level to armored enemies.
Jericho 6 1 Major Gamechanger. Action Skill Augmentation. For every rocket Salvo would fire, instead, it fires 10 smaller rockets, each dealing damage equal to 1/8 of the original rocket. These smaller rockets home in on the nearest enemy.


Being a bastard is easy when you aren't programmed with a conscience. This skill tree makes Shrapnel a pain to everyone around him, causing explosions when he enters Fight for your life, when he gains a Second Wind, causing implosions that draw enemies close to him. He even sometimes explodes just for the hell of it.

Skill Tier Levels Effect
Bigger Bang 1 5 Grants 5% larger radius for all explosions per level.
C5 Tech 1 5 Increases all explosive damage by 10% per level.
Bombardment Shield 2 5 Each level reduces the amount of damage taken while Salvo is active by 3%.
Bomb Fist 2 5 Grants explosive damage to melee attacks.
Implosion 3 5 Upon entering Fight for you Life, Shrapnel produces an implosion (Similar to a Singularity Grenade) that draws enemies to him and deals explosive damage. Each level increases the radius and damage of the implosion, but any enemy killed by the implosion does NOT grant you a Second Wind.
Three Laws, Schmee Laws 3 1 Minor Gamechanger. When Shrapnel kills a human enemy, he gains a stack of health regen and increased gun damage. He can gain up to 100 stacks, loses 1 stack every 3 seconds, and loses all stacks if he kills a nonhuman enemy. Each stack grants +.3% health regeneration per second and +3% gun damage.
Explosion 3 5 Upon gaining a Second Wind, Shrapnel produces an explosive blast that damages all enemies in a large radius around him. Each level increases the Explosive damage by a large amount, but slightly decreases the radius.
Warhead 4 1 Gives all rocket laucher rockets a small nuclear bast
Quit Hittin' Yourself 4 5 There is a +8% chance per level that bullet and melee damage will be reflected back on the attacker. This ability reflects 50% of bullet damage and 100% of melee damage.
Bombproof 5 5 Gives a 20% resistance to explosive damage per level.
I'ma Get All Splodey up in Here 6 1 Every minute that passes in game, Shrapnel gains a Splodey Stack. Every time he gains a Splodey Stack, there is a chance that he will produce a powerful explosion and all of his stacks are reduced to 0. The percentage chance that he will explode is equal to the number of Splodey Stacks he has at the time. (i.e. If he has 39 stacks when he gains his next one, there is a 40% chance that he will explode. The next minute, there will be a 41% chance.)

Note: Three Laws, Shmee Laws defines human enemies as Bandits, Nomads, Goliaths, their Pirate, Burner, Biker, and Torgue equivalents, Savages, Witch Doctors, and Hyperion Engineers. Bandits in vehicles (i.e. Buzzards and Cars) don't count.

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