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Is there such a thing as the 3rd playthrough, because me and two of my friends beat the game and all of the enemies names changed from second playthrough names to ones that we had never seen before.

i dont think so. i beat the second playthrough and it will only let me choose playthrough 1 or 2

Evz x KaRnAgE 21:58, November 1, 2009 (UTC) Evz_x_KaRnAgE

3rd Playthrough can be considered. You can't redo quests unless you had them left over from the previous playthrough. The reason their name changes is because they all become level 50s and 51s and get improved loot

The third playthrough seems to be in the game to keep it interesting once you get to level 50. Think of them as Heroic Dungeons in WoW, meant to increase replayability.

P.S. I've also heard it's only available on PS3, but I can't confirm this since I only own a PS3.

--Aelwrath45 23:07, November 1, 2009 (UTC)

No, the 3rd playthrough does not exisit. The name change and the enemies lv is in a part in playthrough 2.5. It is a playthrough that is not listed in the menu. It activates on is own once you bring the key to tannis, leave the game, and enter in the 2 playthrough. You cant do the quests but the stuff that you didn't complete will give you better guns when turned in you will not get more exp however.

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