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I have every non-vanilla legendary class mod for every character except Maya. I am also missing one or two for Axton, not sure which off the top of my head. I also have Slayer of Terra mods for Krieg and Gaige. All are level 50

Some other items I have for trade:

- Double Pen. Unkempt Harold (lvl 61, 50 and 35)

- Flame of the Firehawk (lvl 67)

- Hide of Terramorphous (lvl 51)

- Rough Rider (lvl 49)

- Sheriff's Badge (lvl 45 and 50)

- Exp and Shock Fast Ball (lvl 46)

- Cobra (lvl 38)

- Badaboom

- Cuting Slagga

- Florentine

- Volcano

- Grog nozzle

- Incendiary Conference Call

- Incendiary Infinity

- Little Evie

- Twister

- Corrosive Sand Hawk

- KerBlaster

All of these items are level 50, unless otherwise noted. I have several versions of the Grog Nozzle from the loot hunt.

Send me a message on XBL if you're interested in trading for any of these. I'll take most legendaries, seraphs, and pearls from 50 all the way up through OP8.

GT: HereCome DaFuzz