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I recently farmed from Terra and I had some amazing loot. Among all of the other piddly stuff (greens whites etc), I found 2 Teeth of Terramorphouses!!!!!!!! [And extras, too]

1. Fire Fire Teeth of Terramorphous (Shotgun)

2. Quik Loadeder(i think that's how you spell it) Teeth of Terramorphous (Shotgun)

Some of the other loot includes:

Blood of Terramorphous (Relic) (0.5% Health Regeneration/sec)

Night Pitchfork (Sniper)

Surgical Pitchfork (Sniper)

NOTE: All of my loot is sadly only lv 50, as I do NOT have dlc.

If you would like to know the stats of each weapon, I will not hesitate to put them on here.

Also, trading will be unavailable as I just ran out of my gold, so I will get it as soon as possible.

I do dupe, but I do not like doing so. I like to get the stuff on my own, without interference, but I will still dupe for anybody.

Please do not message me on Xbox. If you could, please put it onto my talk page if there are any comments or questions.

gt: SOFx H0N0R