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With two 50's and ~6 seperate playthroughts, I think I've earned the right to recieve a little boost for a third and final character, a Siren.

My Xboxlive is AvauntVanguard. I have no DLC's, but the Eridian Promatory shows to be a very profitable location on terms of experience. You can bring your rigged guns for all I care. I also don't need to be made 50, anything 40+ is desireable.

The only conditions I have is; let me grab a few things to sell from time to time. Get me up (Arch Guardians are painful) when I fall. Be on the playthrough 2.5 for maximum effect.

As form of payment? I have little to give. I could offer some powerleveling in return.

I'd appreciate it.- Vanguard 01:59, July 23, 2010 (UTC)

If you have two controllers you can powerlevel your self, just make a second profile, log the new profile into the second controller and enter a splitscreen game, leave your new character at the beginning of the promintor behind the wall to the right for protection and level away. You can just switch profile names when you want to sart the new character and i would suggest using a hunter with full trespass

skills for this to make it alot easierVeggienater 23:42, July 24, 2010 (UTC)

I'll help you level up in the Eridian promatory, just send me a friend request sometime, and I'll help you out.   Uberorb Bio melt  

@Veggienater: And how the hell would that help me at ALL? Use my main, XboxLive account to powerlevel a character on an alternate account that will end up becoming immensily USELESS to me anyway because I'm not going to pay for two accounts to play online. Even without online play, My main Account has everything I care about. A second would be redundant and useless. It's like you didn't read the actual post.

@Uberorb: Alright. I've sent a friend request. All I need is a Berserker and I'll have all 4 classes leveled up.- Vanguard 22:25, July 25, 2010 (UTC)

First of all you didnt say it was for online only and second if you had a level 50 on a second prfile you could still powerlevel a character on the first profile yourself and aslo use it for duping items offline to give things from one first prfile character to to another and i was just tring to help no need to be hostileVeggienater 23:46, July 25, 2010 (UTC)

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