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Hey vault hunters Nihilus again! I've been farming a few bosses for a couple months now, and some assistance would be GREATLY appreciated. I am loooking for the B3NKR,Henry,and Terramorphous heads for all 6 classes. 

I have a decent collection of items to trade with, and they are as follows....

lv50 Stocking Bunny    lv50 Practicable Conference Call(acid)    lv50 Trick Shot Maggie     lv50 Moscovite's Mongol  

lv50 Social Bitch     lv50 Patriot's Infinity(bladed)    lv50 Punitory Norfleet(fire)    lv50 Sir Hammerlock's Rex   

lv50 Inflammable Bee    lv54 Lobbed Quasar    lv54 Impetuous Flakker    lv54 Nukem    lv50 Analytical Bitch(acid)

lv50 Puissant Norfleet(slag)    lv50 Swift Shredifier     lv50 Unkempt Harold    lv54 Stabbing Kerblaster   

lv50 Practicable Conference Call(fire)    lv48 Sham 89% chance    lv50 Quality Baby Maker(acid)   

lv50 Rightsizing Bitch    lv50 Peppy Gunerang(slag)    lv50 Wild hammer buster    lv50 Practicable Conference Call

lv50 Two Fer Maggie    lv50 Teeth of Terramorphous    lv50 Blockhead    lv50 Super Gunerang    lv54 Juicy Flakker

lv50 Blood of Terramorphous    lv54 Sticky Homing Bonus Package   

and the Verm. heads for Mechromancer,Assassin,Commando,Siren

If you are willing to dupe any of the heads i need or are interested in any of the items i have just hit me up!!!