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??? was just another tundra amazonian living in peace with her fellow tribewomen with their bullymongs untill one day an old Dahl platoon found their village within the frozen wastes of Pandora in a mission to explore rumors of a amazon like tribe that could tame bullymongs. She along with many of her fellow villagers welcomed the female workers imediately but the men were shunned and kept at the village's edge. The villiage was surpisingly civilized, there was full ECHO and technological use of weaponry unlike some other backwater tribes. It is remarkable that they kept their tribe secret for so long. However soon after finding the village, the reports of Dahl's fall reached their ears. Over the course of only a couple days she began seeing all the men just turn into savage bandits and after a full attack along with some very vulgar additudes by those now new bandits in an attempt to take over the tribe for themselfs, the women of the group somehow held them all off with the help of a few loyal men who warned them of the takeover. Time can do a funny thing on Pandora, like ??? becoming the chieftan of the tribe. She heard of the obvious traps of Hansome Jack to lure Vault Hunters, But quite frankly didn't really care too much, within the frozen tundra they were relatively safe from the Hyperion army. Yet while out on a foraging partol with some tribeswomen she overheard a large explosion comming from the direction of the trainrails. Figuring this could be a good opprotunity to forage for some free gear she went forth. What she found were the Vault Hunters. She overheard their stories for comming here, though she was reluctant at hearing the mens stories, and began thinking. If Hansome Jack is planing on taking over the whole panet, then eventually her tribe would be next eventually. So if then finding the vault would allow her to kill Hansome Jack thereby keeping her village safe, she would join the Vault Hunters on their adventure. She ordered her fellow tribeswomen back to the village and thus her journey with the Vault Hunters began...


She appears as a taller more musscled woman who wears leggings and a V neck undershirt while the rest of the clothing is made of bullymong fur which includes: cape to her lower back, Vest, skirt, boots, and gloves. Her Melee is a whip and her class mod is a necklace.

Action Skill

Beauty's Beast

Using a scavenged modified fast travel ??? summons out a Bullymong to fight by her side from the village. This can be enhanced with more Mongs, Armor, Or something truely terrifying...

Main summon: Adult bullymong that matches ???'s level

Summon time: 35 seconds

Cooldown time: 50 seconds.

Skill Trees

Tundra Savage

This skill tree focuses on ??? becoming a fearsome bullymong tamer improving both her and summoned bullymongs stats.

Skill Tier Levels Effect
Tough and fast 1 5 +5% max health and movement speed per level for ??? and summoned bullymongs.
Icy Stare 1 5 +8% accuacy and aim speed per level.
Fluid motion 1 5 +10% reload speed per level
Bullymong watch 2 5 Action skill cooldown time reduced by 8% per level.
Power training 2 5 All summoned bullymongs gain +10% melee damage per level.
Hailstorm 2 5 Killskill: +10% movement speed and +8% fire/toss rate for ??? and summoned bullymongs.
Winds of death 3 5 While moving: +6% gun damage and +8% melee damage per level.
Bone-armor 3 1 All summoned bullymongs get badass armor increasing their health by 100%
Projectile surprize 3 5 +5% chance all projectiles thrown by summoned bullymongs will explode like a grenade. The bigger the projectile the bigger the explosion and damage.
Thick hides 4 5 +5% damage reduction for all summoned bullymongs.
Backup mongs 4 1 Action skill augment: Summons two additional adult bullymongs.
Ain't got **** on me! 5 5 While ???'s health is maxed: Summoned bullymongs have +10% projectile damage and toss rate per level.
Twas they who killed the beast 5 1 If a summoned bullymong is killed: ??? gains +30% to all stats till action skill is ready for next use.
Golli-mong 6 1 Action skill augment: main summon is now Golli-mong, a giant badass bullymong that's +5 levels higher with +200% more health and +75% damage!

Beastly Misstress

This skill tree focuses on making chaos on the battlefield with many bullymongs, better use of her whip, and overall damage.

Skill Tier Levels Effect
Here comes chaos! 1 5 +5 seconds summon time per level
Monglets on the loose! 1 1 Action skill augment: Summons four additional monglets
Team Spirit 1 5 increases health regen by .2% of max health for every summoned bullymong per level.
Huntress 2 5 +6% gun damage per level
The parents are here. 2 1 Action skill augment: Summons an additional Adult bullymong
Dominator 2 5 +12% melee damage per level
Calm after the storm 3 5 Increases grenade, melee, and gun damage by 5% per level while action skill is in cooldown.
Slinger cover 3 1 Action skill augment: Summons an additional bullymong slinger.
Furious lash 3 5 Melee has a 15% chance per level to have a random element added.
Your pain, my pleasure 4 5 ??? recovers health equal to 20% of health lost by summoned bullymongs per level
Lookout! Badass! 4 1 Action skill augment: Summons an additional badass bullymong
It never ends... 5 5 For every kill ??? or summoned bullymongs makes, summon time will increase by .6 seconds per level.
Well kept Bullymongs 5 1 Adds a 20% chance that all bullymongs summoned will be one evolution higher than normal.
Bullymong Evolution 6 1

Gives a 50% chance for all summoned bullymongs to evolve into the next evolution when they kill an enemy. This chance decreases by 10% for each evolution done. Evolution tree: Monglet -> Adult -> Badass -> Super badass -> Ultimate badass -> Raging god.

Maternal Protector

This skill tree focuses on survival, meaning better protection, Bullymongs reviving you, and giving them a shield.

Skill Tier Levels Effect
Protection is love 1 5 Boosts max shield capacity by 10% per level.
Be prepared 1 5 +10% shield recharge rate and -10% delay per level.
Healing factor 1 5 increases health regen by .5% of max health for ??? and summoned bullymongs.
Empty your plate 2 5 When an enemy is killed by ??? or summoned bullymongs when the action skill is active, 1 life orb per level will appear and heal an ally for 15% of their max health.
Don't play with your food 2 5 Increases all damage done by summoned bullymongs by 20% per level.
Protecting Mother 2 5 Decreases all damage done to ??? by 6% per level while Bullymongs are summoned.
Radiant Mother 3 5 Increases max health for ??? by 15% per level
Till the end 3 1 Can summon Bullymongs in Fight for your Life
Mother's scorn 3 5 When summoned bullymongs are attacked, ??? gains 10% gun. melee, and grenade damage per level.
Buddy system 4 5 Team element effect status duration is reduced by 3% per level for every summoned bullymong.
Revival Training 4 1 Summoned bullymongs can now revive you and allies from Fight for your Life, This can not be done by bullymongs summoned during Fight for your Life.
Well I'll be a mong's uncle 5 5 Increases team shield capacity by 1%, recharge rate by 1%, and reduces delay by 1% each level for every member on your team including summoned bullymongs!
Big daddy 5 1 Action skill augment: Summons an additional super badass bullymong that can use all active skills in the Maternal Protector skill tree.
Shielded Mongs 6 1 Gives all summoned bullymongs a shield just like the one you have equiped!



Echo Communicators







Wow, I actually thought this character was going to be something like Nunu from League of Legends but I reckon this is WAY better and I personally at least believe it should be in-game with just slight edits to some skills, I mean the ability to summon 7+ mongs with all different ranks all with shields at high levels (Imagine Fabled tortoises because of the character speed increases or a Hoplite) may be a bit OP considering they can also REVIVE people.

But non-the-less I really think this seems like a valid and what would be fun character to play as, the only thing is... the backstory is a little boring and needs depth. but still, Awesome Yeht-C (talk) 07:42, September 14, 2013 (UTC)

Yeah, That captain planet/native of the viilage like backstory could definately be reworked. I think I'll also try some tweaks here and there. Hmm.... Perhaps work in some old Dahl abandonments and/or something. I'll see what I can do. After edits: Ok, tweaked some percentages and remade the backstory, also tweaked the revival training so it doesn't allow the mongs to revive players if summoned in Fight for your Life. MythicShadows (talk) 18:29, September 14, 2013 (UTC)

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