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??? was a gun for hire and a bit of a lunatic at that. Being on pursuit by 2 intergalactic mafias after a successful raid on Themis (Just before a predicted Dahl raid) for supplies and to mess with a certain ex-girlfriend, he took refuge on the closest backwater planet he could find-Pandora. After a rather nasty explosion into a Hyperion Transport vessel he had found himself waking up to an army of rather annoyed Hyperion workers and a few bots, ??? had notice he seemed somewhat more precise, his eyesight was far sharper than he had ever experienced, and after taking down each one in a pretty awesome fight (seriously you should have seen it, it was truly awesome!) he had noticed that in that brief period of time that he had fused with whatever technology was on that vessel, he had become - The Ace. From that day on he decided to pursue the Vault, and being a firm Anarchist, he saw it as his call to quash Handsome Jack, and remove his grip on the planet.


??? has a smooth face, and his normal headgear consists of a grey trilby, with both of his arms and various visible parts of his body covered in a grey and white coloured Hyperion augmentations with neon yellow light patterns going across his limbs, he wears somewhat tattered business clothes that are torn to show some of the augmentations. His melee weapons is an extending blade out of his arm and his class mod is a Battery pack on the side of his arms.

Action Skill


??? Focuses deeply, and pulses, covering the HUD with yellow circuitry lines, Accuracy become 100% and recoil is reduced by 75% for 1 minute.

Cooldown Rate: base 1:30

Skill trees


This Skill tree makes more use out of the Hyperion 'Versadapt' worker augmentations, making them more efficient and adding more abilities to them, become the true killing machine!

Skill Tier Levels Effect
I am Titanium 1 5 Health increased by 7.5% for each level
Eyes on the Prize 1 5 When Sharpshooting, Bullets have an 5% chance (per level) to hit the target even if they aren't there
FALCOOOOOOOON PUNCH! 2 5 Not using melee on a target gives you one 'Punch' stack per 10 seconds, and deals extra explosive damage and knockback for each stack used up.
Batteries included! 2 5 Increases Sharpshooting time by 3 seconds per level.
Software Patch 3 5 Increases aim steadiness and reduces recoil by 2% per level while Sharpshooting.
Dance Monkey DANCE! 2 5 Increases damage by 5% each level while continuously hitting an enemy.
 Revolution 3 5 Kill Skill. Increases accuracy at the cost of some damage for each level
Typhoon System 3 1 Melee overdrive, releases grenades all around you dealing damage to nearby enemies, uses up 'Punch' Stacks and has a recharge of 30 seconds
Sneering imperialist 4 5 Does 6% more damage pet level with any rifle weapons
Double jump 4 1 jump whole on the air to jump again, achieving double the normal height
I'm on top of the world! 5 5 Kill Skill, Damage goes up by 100% for each kill per level
Ruinaga 5 5 While sharpshooting, critical hits deal 'Ruin' damage, represented by grey damage numbers reduces the affected enemies damage while dealing continuous damage.
The unstoppable force/the Immovable object 6 1 Melee Override. While Sharpshooting, you can switch between Unstoppable (which gives you 100% extra movement speed and damage resistance) and Immovable (Increases Damage by resistance by 100%), switching and using these abilities drains the duration by 75%.


This skill tree focuses on buffing other enemies and can even lead to invincibility, Become the most valuable asset alive!


This skill tree focuses on ruthless killing, proper investment can lead to room cleaning in seconds!

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