Forge is a tier 6 passive skill in Moze's Bottomless Mags skill tree. This skill allows Moze to constantly regenerate ammo for her currently equipped weapon.


  • Ammo Regeneration: +5% of magazine per second

Usage & Description

Forge serves as a utility tool, offering no actual damage bonuses, but allows Moze to have a virtually unlimited magazine. Unfortunately, the skill does have anti-synergy with some of of Moze's other skills. The skill Click, Click... offers significant damage from emptying the magazine, but with Forge it can become difficult or impossible to do so. Selfless Vengeance relies on reloading, which is the opposite of what this skill is intended to do. Additionally, COV weapons do not benefit from the skill because shots to break is not affected by ammo regeneration (see notes below).

Moze has several other methods of restoring ammo, and this can make Forge unnecessary or redundant. In order to maximize the efficiency of this skill, Moze should use a large magazine weapon with a high fire rate, to fire as many bullets as possible. Unsurprisingly, Vladof weapons pair very well with this skill.


  • Heavy ammo regeneration is 10% of the listed value (0.5% magazine per second).
  • The regeneration amount is based on total magazine size. Skills and artifacts that increase magazine size will increase ammo per second.
  • As COV weapons have no magazines, ammo regeneration is based on the number of shots to break. This can be used to refill reserve ammo for that weapon type.
    • This is particularly useful in restoring heavy ammo with a COV launcher.
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