Forge is a tier 6 passive skill in Moze's Bottomless Mags skill tree. This skill allows Moze to constantly regenerate ammo for her currently equipped weapon.


  • Ammo Regeneration: +5% of Magazine per second
  • Only ammo in the current magazine is refilled, spare ammo will not be regenerated.
    • Reloading should be avoided as it will consume spare ammo that will not be regenerated.


  • Heavy ammo takes 10 times longer than other ammo types to regenerate.
  • The regeneration time is based on the actual size of the magazine, not the weapon's listed magazine size. Skills and artifacts that increase magazine size will also increase the amount of ammo regenerated per second.
  • As COV weapons have no magazines, ammo regeneration is based on the shots to break stat of the weapon, giving back 5% per second of shots needed to break the weapon.
    • COV weapons can be exploited with this skill to get free ammunition since they draw from the ammo pool. While the skill does not affect the number of shots needed to overheat, the ammo pool will constantly regenerate until full when the COV weapon is equipped.
  • Ammo in the reserve pool will not be refilled if ammo drops from enemies are picked up and the reserve pool is full.
    • This can be an issue with Tediore weapons as reloading is necessary, but the lost ammo can be re-gained by using the COV ammo regenerated method.
  • The skill appears to glitch when using an artifact with the Cutpurse attribute. Melee attacks can cause ammo regeneration to stop and not refill the full magazine capacity until reloading.
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