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Follow The Glow is an optional mission to hunt and kill Dribbles in Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt.



"...You gotta go."


  • Locate creature tracks
  • Track creature
  • Kill Dribbles


The first objective is to locate some evidence of the incontinent skag, and this is down in Dropwater Cavern. With this discovery comes the revelation that the beast has migrated to Ardorton Station.

Dribbles can be found among the pack of skags in the Bone Metal Camp area. He is a large skag differentiated from the others by the purple and green fumes rising from him. He initially wanders around the grassy area until his attention is attracted by anyone wandering onto the grass, whereupon he will attack.

Dribbles attacks by either charging and slashing his prey, but he also periodically stops to cough up a glob of slag in an arcing ranged attack. On rare occasions he will also stop, lift a hind leg, and urinate a stream of slag onto the ground. This gives off a purple fume and has the effect of a slag pool for a few seconds.

Skags stay in the Bone Metal camp area and will not enter the building.  One strategy to kill Dribbles is to remain in the building and use a high DPS sniper rifle to kill the other skags in this area then enter the area and deploy a turret. While Dribbles is attacking the turret use a rocket launcher to finish him off.


"Well done! Now take a shower."

Turn In: Claptrap