Focus Group is the title of a group of common shotguns in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. They are manufactured exclusively by Hyperion with old-style materials and prefixes, and features the triple (scavs') barrel.

Usage and description

They use the scavs triple barrels, greatly increasing their pellet count at the cost of 3 ammo per shot, the decreased accuracy, high recoil, and a wider spread. Because of its low accuracy and high spread it is not meant to attack enemies at a range, instead it is best used at point-blank range so that all of the pellets make contact and inflict grievous damage. Being a Hyperion-made, it has much higher rate of fire than other shotguns using tripple barrel and therefore can deplete ammo at an alarming rate.


  • As with all shotguns which use the bandits/scavs triple barrel, the Focus Group is only comes in green or higher rarity.
  • The Focus Group is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source.
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