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Focus Group is the title of a group of common shotguns in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. They are manufactured exclusively by Hyperion with old-style materials and prefixes and feature the triple (scav) barrel.

Usage and description

As the Focus Group uses the scav triple barrel, this greatly increases its pellet count at the cost of 3 ammo per shot, decreased accuracy, high recoil, and a wider spread. Because of its low accuracy and wide spread, it is not meant to attack enemies at a range; instead, it is best used at point-blank range so that all of the pellets make contact and inflict grievous damage. Being Hyperion-made, it has a much higher rate of fire than other shotguns using the triple barrel and therefore can deplete ammo at an alarming rate.


  • As with all shotguns which use the scav triple barrel, the Focus Group only comes in green or higher rarity.
  • In addition to the Focus Group, a variant of this weapon exists as the Crowdsourcing, made by the "new" Hyperion.
  • The Focus Group is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source.