Flyin' Maiden is a legendary Spike Shield manufactured by Maliwan. The Flyin' Maiden does not drop, and can only be obtained via third-party programs.

Special Effects

I laugh as I'm watching you bleed. – Launches corrosive homing spikes when damaged with bullets, and deals corrosive spike damage to melee attackers.

Usage & Description

Against melee attackers, the Flyin' Maiden operates as a standard corrosive-element Spike Shield. When struck by a bullet, however, the Flyin' Maiden launches a homing spike which will initially aim at the attacker. The spike has a low projectile velocity, a broad turning radius, and travels initially in a slight arc directly toward the target. If the target is too close, the spike may fail to track it, traveling fruitlessly in a broad circle until it exhausts its range. Hard cover in front of the target will also block the spike. If a closer target presents itself during the spike's arc, the spike may change course to track that alternate target instead.


  • Launched spikes (but not melee spikes) deal elemental splash damage, and are buffed by grenade damage bonuses.
  • A launched spike that detonates at close range can damage the user of the shield. This may happen when the shield is struck by a bullet while the user is engaging a melee opponent.
  • The Flyin' Maiden can spawn with a Maliwan capacitor, granting the "Alkaline" prefix and corrosive immunity to its wearer. It cannot spawn with resistance against any other element.


  • The Flyin' Maiden is an exact replica of the Impaler from Borderlands 2.
  • "Flyin' Maiden" is a reference to the band Iron Maiden, while the red text reference the lyrics "He laughs as he's watching you bleed" from their song "Killers."
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