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Flash Troopers are enemies encountered in Borderlands 3. As elite soldiers of the Maliwan corporation, Flash Troopers are equipped with high-tech backpacks that allow them to move short distances extremely quickly.

Although functionally the same, Flash Troopers encountered during the Bloody Harvest event inside The Heck Hole are renamed to "Gravewalker Trooper".



Flash Troopers have roughly the same durability and weaponry as Assault Troopers and employ similar tactics. However, unlike Assault Troopers who tend to stay in one spot, Flash Troopers rapidly move around the battlefield. Their high-tech backpacks allow them to move short distances extremely quickly; almost to the point that they appear to be teleporting.

While they will often use cover, they prefer to use their packs to quickly move about the battlefield in an attempt to flank opponents or avoid incoming fire. However, their "teleportation" is only limited to short distances and they cannot teleport while staggered or Phasegrasped by Amara.

In addition to being weak to headshots, their backpacks are also a critical hit spot. If the pack is damaged, they temporarily lose the ability to teleport; this is noted by the pack sparking. If further damage is caused to the pack, it will malfunction, causing the trooper to careen into a wall or other object at hypersonic speeds; thereby killing them instantly. Depending on the direction the trooper careens in, they can collide with other enemies or the Vault Hunters, dealing damage to them as well.


  • There exists a dark variant of the Flash Trooper that can be found serving General Traunt on Nekrotafeyo or on the Slaughterstar 3000. Aside from the name and color scheme, the trooper retains their tactics.
    • There also exists a Special Ops variant of the Flash Trooper found at the Maliwan Blacksite at Midnight's Cairn, where they serve as guardsmen for the weapons project Valhalla. Aside from the name and color scheme, the trooper retains their tactics.
  • In Mayhem Mode and True Vault Hunter Mode, they are renamed Dash Commando.