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Flanksteak is the leader of the Bloodshot bandit gang and the secondary antagonist of Borderlands 2.


Following the Bloodshots' ousting from Sanctuary by the Crimson Raiders, Flanksteak and his men took up residence in the Bloodshot Stronghold and surrounding areas and proceeded to wage war on both the Crimson Raiders and a rival gang, the Children of the Firehawk.

Flanksteak himself tries to manage the Bloodshots from a position of relative safety when their situation rapidly deteriorates following the arrival of new Vault Hunters to the planet. He tries to levy a bounty from Hyperion for the capture and surrender of Roland. However, this only serves to draw the full might of Hyperion down on top of the Bloodshots to claim Roland by force and Flanksteak is killed by a loader while attempting to negotiate a price with it.




  • Flanksteak is never encountered in person, despite his significance in the story.
  • Like Roland, Flanksteak is well aware of his men buying weapons from Marcus, and he despises the arms dealer for selling to both sides.