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Fix'er Upper is a story mission in Borderlands given by Dr. Zed.


"If you're gonna head out of town, you need a shield. A shield forms an invisible barrier around you that absorbs damage. Normally, you'd buy one from the med vendor here, but this one took a bullet during the bandit raid. Fortunately, it just needs a new Power Coupling, and it so happens there's an old vendor we can use for parts. It's right outside of town, down the road east. Go grab the part, install it into the med vendor, and buy yourself a shield."



Fix'er Upper

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Obtain a Power Coupling, repair the med vendor, and buy a shield.
  • Power Coupling
  • Med Vendor repaired
  • Shield purchased


To find the Power Coupling, head out of the gate that leads outside of Fyrestone and turn left to avoid another skag confrontation near the Skag den opposite the gate. Further along the path is a small shack with more skags to fight nearby. The power coupling is attached to a broken med vendor beside the shack.

When the power coupling is retrieved, head back to Dr. Zed's building and use the power coupling to repair the vending machine. The vending machine can now be used to buy and sell items, including shields. The Item Of The Day will be a shield as well, and may be a preferable choice of purchase if the funds are available. The freshly bought shield will automatically equip and Dr. Zed will then be ready to offer the mission reward.


"See? You don't need a PhD to do my job. I guess people just feel more comfortable with my honest face and bedside manner. Feel free to sell your items at the med vendor and buy some First Aid Kits for later."


  • Text of Power Coupling item: A salvaged replacement part for the med vendor.
  • During Playthrough 2, the mission still requires the purchase of a shield regardless of whether one is already equipped. Buying a Class Mod will not count towards the mission objective.
  • Fast Travel to DLC zones becomes available only after this mission.
  • Before the mission is completed, the Med Vendor is set to spawn only healing and fast recharge shields. Characters will have higher health than shield capacity, so selecting a healing shield is beneficial early in the game. Because of the limited selection it is quite easy to spawn a Tediore Panacea ("Quick health regeneration!") by leaving and entering the game and checking the Vendor each time.
  • There is a known bug in Playthrough 2 where the mission won't update even when a shield is purchased. To fix it either join a new multi-player Playthrough 2 game and have it finished along with everyone else, or use the Willow Shrubbery save game editing tool.