Fistful of Hurt is a tier 3 skill in Salvador's Brawn skill tree.

This skill is a melee override that modifies Salvador's melee attack so that he performs a powerful uppercut, causing massive damage and knocking the enemy back. This skill has a cooldown - while on cooldown, Salvador will use his normal melee attack.


  • Fistful of Hurt quadruples the damage of a melee blow. This multiplication (×4, or +300%) takes place after every bonus from relic, skill, or wielded weapon is applied.
  • If used while Gunzerking, Fistful of Hurt uses the weapon in the right hand (if it is bladed) for purposes of calculating melee damage bonuses, despite normal melee attacks using both weapons normally when calculating melee damage dealt.
  • The animation displays Salvador striking with a bare-fisted left uppercut, regardless if a bladed weapon is wielded.

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