For the enemy, see FISH SLAP!.

Fish Slap is a legendary grenade mod manufactured by Pangolin in Borderlands 3. It can drop from enemies in the Revenge of the Cartels but has a higher chance of dropping from FISH SLAP!.

Special Weapon Effects

Say hello to my little fish! – Significantly increased damage. Guaranteed bouncing prefix and +15% damage for each enemy damaged. Deals melee damage.

Usage & Description

Apart from its unique damage type, the Fish Slap is a strong grenade that has extremely high base damage and a guaranteed bouncing prefix, which can make it useful in enclosed spaces. Care should be taken when using it, as its detonations are just as dangerous to the user, and can easily put them into Fight For Your Life.

The Fish Slap is most effective for characters that focus on melee builds. As a result, Amara and FL4K can find the most use for this grenade due to their focus on melee enhancements (Amara) and Dominance (FL4K).

The Fish Slap's damage can be massively increased using the Groundbreaker Guardian reward, providing a grenade that can deal massive damage for finishing off enemies or even bosses.


  • Dominance can be triggered by throwing the Fish Slap directly at an enemy.
  • As melee attacks against frozen enemies deal 300% damage, the Fish Slap has excellent synergy with that element.
  • Artifacts that grant melee effects, such as the Elemental Stones, Cutpurse, Commander Planetoid, Knife Drain, and White Elephant can all be used with the Fish Slap.
  • Because the Fish Slap was only obtainable during an event that's no longer active, it is not possible to get a variant higher than level 65 without editing the save file. It also cannot have terror anointments without save file editing.
  • The Fish Slap does not benefit from skills, passives, or anointments that boost grenade damage.


  • The flavor text is a reference to Tony Montana's popular one-liner from the 1983 movie Scarface ("Say hello to my little friend!"), in which he wields a grenade-equipped rifle and has a cocaine-fueled last stand against cartel members in his mansion.
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