Firestarta is a unique laser weapon manufactured by Dahl. It is obtained from the mission Torgue-o! Torgue-o! located in Serenity's Waste, if the reactor is given to Janey Springs.

Special Weapon Effect

Start some trouble. – Always incendiary. Slightly reduced damage. Increased accuracy and fire rate; greatly increased elemental effect chance and damage over time. Fixed parts.

Usage & Description

The Firestarta is an above-average Dahl Blaster, with the exception of its reduced damage, which is offset by the weapon's higher fire rate. As it is made completely of Dahl parts, the weapon will fire a burst of five accurate shots when using the scope.

While it has the ability to deal heavy damage over time, this is made somewhat negligible due to the Firestarta being granted early in the game, where combat in an atmosphere is scarce.


  • The Firestarta spawns with all parts fixed, consisting of all Dahl parts,


  • The unique material of Firestarta resembles the American flag.
  • The weapon is a reference to the song "Firestarter" by the band Prodigy.
    • In the music video Keith Flint wears a sweater with a similar American flag motif.
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