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Firepower: Plight Of The Middle Man is last of three missions which are directly available from Marcus Kincaid. Being the businessman that he is, he offers several missions to protect his business interests.


"I need to know who exactly is supplying the bandits. The invoice you found was a good start, but we need more. I'm sure you can find some of the original shipping crates, and that will provide the evidence we need. While you're at it, destroy One-Eyed Jack's weapon caches. There is too much of my competitor's product out there! We'll show them what happens when they try to cut out the middle man!"



Destroy Weapon Caches and find evidence.
  • Caches destroyed: 0/6
  • Evidence found


South of the Outeryard the first little complex reached is the destination. The waypoint will lead to each cache.

The first cache is next to the tent and another is against the building. Several more can be found deeper in the encampment, access via ramp and a walkway from inside the building. There is also a large green-flashing crate on the left, which holds the evidence.


"So, it was Torgue who was delivering weapons to Pandora behind my back! I'll be sure to give them a stern talking-to about their business practices. As for the bandits, hopefully they know to buy from me from now on. Thank you, my friend! It's been a pleasure doing business with you!"

Nearby Missions[]


  • There is a glitch in the mission script where it is possible to destroy the first two crates, leave and re-enter the map, destroy the first two crates again, then repeat the process one more time. Although this completes the mission objective (Caches destroyed: 6/6) the remaining cache crates will still be present and marked for destruction, and mission markers pointing to them. However, destroying the four remaining crates is not required to complete the mission.