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Firepower: Market Correction is the second of three missions which are directly available from Marcus Kincaid. Being the businessman that he is, he offers several missions to protect his business interests.


"I believe that One-Eyed Jack is storing a recent ammo shipment in his warehouse. We can't have that! When there's too much supply, there's no demand. Prices go down, and nobody profits. So, I want you to go to the warehouse and trigger a little 'market correction' by destroying the ammo dumps. You'll need explosives or elemental weapons, which are, of course, available at any of my stores for a reasonable price!"



Destroy the ammo dumps.
  • Ammo Dumps destroyed: 0/6


This area is located kind of in the middle of the map. The waypoint does pinpoint the location of all the ammo dumps. There are two located next to each other inside the warehouse. One is by the east entrance next to a weapon chest. One is on the rooftop of the building closest to the west entrance. The last two are next to the house on the north hill.

The objective is to shoot the ammo dumps to destroy them, and then return to Marcus Kincaid for the reward. Despite what the mission briefing says, elemental weapons are not required to ignite the ammo dumps.


"You destroyed the ammo dumps! Good work, my friend! You're proving to be an extremely effective partner, and I'm so glad you weren't blasted into soup! Now, if only we knew exactly which corporation has decided to cut me out of my profits!"

Nearby Missions[]


  • There are two white weapon chests in the large building.
  • On coming back to hand in missions for Marcus Kincaid, check for the temporary availability of a new, (third and working) gun vending machine opposite the two by his shop entrance.
  • After turning in this mission announcement that Helena Pierce has more jobs can be heard.