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Firepower: All Sales are Final is one of three missions which are directly available from Marcus Kincaid. Once they arrive to New Haven, adventurers can visit Marcus Kincaid in person at his shop. Being the business man that he is, he offers several missions to protect his business interests.


"I have an amazing opportunity for you, my friend, where both of us stand to profit. You see, the bandits are better equipped than most of the locals! They are a large, untapped market, but they have no demand for my goods! I need someone like you to find out who is supplying them. Go to their hideout and search for a sales invoice or something. I'll pay you a fair price for the information."



Search for information about the bandit weapon supplier.
  • Weapon Shipment Invoice


Head to The Rust Commons West and find the weapon shipment invoice. The junkyard where the invoice is located is directly east of the entrance from New Haven in Rust Commons West, by the Catch-a-ride, and the whole area is crawling with bandits. The invoice location is marked by an exclamation point on the HUD next to a weapons vendor, and can be located by crouching behind the first little barrier next to the shipping crate.

Once the invoice has been acquired, the final task is to return to Marcus for the reward.


"As I suspected, One-Eyed Jack and his men have been receiving weapon shipments. This invoice is encoded, but it looks like one of the manufacturers decided to cut out the middle man and sell direct. I'm that middle man, and I won't tolerate it! Those faceless corporations don't care about the work I do to scratch out a living here. We must stop them somehow!"

Nearby Missions[]


  • Text of Weapon Shipment Invoice item: Record of sale, munitions and other materiel.