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This article is about the Borderlands weapon. For the character, see Lilith.

The Firehawk is a Legendary Repeater Pistol manufactured by Maliwan.

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Special Weapon Effects[]

Bring the HEAT! – Incendiary x4, procs equivalent to x6.

Usage & Description[]

The Firehawk is a premium example of elemental weaponry. Its accessory actually increases its base damage, as opposed to its generic, non-Legendary fire element counterparts that receive a reduction in base damage. The accessory itself allows an x4 elemental proc with damage equivalent to x6, well above any other elemental gun on Pandora, including its SMG cousin, the Hellfire. While it is an accurate weapon, the nature of the gun (being a repeater) means recoil and muzzle kick will quickly result in rounds being sprayed about haphazardly should the user fire rapid shots in an uncontrolled manner. It actually serves best at close range, laying on the trigger will result in a constant stream of rounds impacting the target, adding a stack of concurrent damage-over-time effects and rapidly burning it to death, not unlike the Hellfire.


  • The Firehawk's procs are more powerful than any other elemental accessory. Although the game notes it as x4, empirical data and linear extrapolation show that it's equivalent to a x6 proc.[1][2]


The Firehawk effect comes from the acc5_Maliwan_Firehawk accessory. It is based on acc5_Incendiary, but with much more damage, more tech, and less spread. For an explanation on how to interpret the information on the following table, please see the stat modifiers page.

acc5_Maliwan_Firehawk acc5_Incendiary
Damage: +10%
Tech Level: +14
Spread: -70%
Damage: -40%
Tech Level: +6