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Firebrands are enemies encountered in Borderlands 3.


Firebrands are easily distinguished by their yellow pants, full facial masks with bright-glowing attachments and burning flamethrower shafts they wield. They have flamethrower tanks strapped to their backs.



While closing in Firebrands take minimal evasive actions. From a medium to long range they fling burning shafts or burning flasks which explode on impact engulfing the targets in flames. They are capable of launching themselves into the air in surprisingly long jumps. Within melee range, they they club their targets with burning shafts inflicting impact and incendiary damage. Occasionally, they stop and start to breathe fire at targets in wide sweeping arc. At the end of the attack run, Firebrands will start running away from their targets in order to create some distance for another leaping attack. This leaves flamethrower backpacks, which are critical point, exposed. Destroying the backpack instantly kills Firebrand and severely damages any nearby enemies. This also leaves burning puddles on the ground lasting for several seconds. Firebrands are not immune but are highly resistant to incendiary damage.


  • Just a kiss, of the flame wisp!
  • Burn in your struggle!
  • We are the flame! You can not ignite us! Peril at your trembling!


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