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Fiona Dillon[1] is a professional Pandoran con artist, and one of the two main protagonists of Tales from the Borderlands.


As a child, Fiona and her sister Sasha try to get by with every bit of money they could find, usually through stealing and conning people. One day, they attempted to steal from Felix, who is a con artist himself. He then took the sisters in, and raised them into a life of crime.


Tales from the Borderlands

Fiona's big break arrived when Sasha's boyfriend, August, struck a deal with Hugo P. Vasquez of the Hyperion Corporation to sell him a Vault Key. The sisters and Felix then create a fake Vault Key so that August (who is oblivious to the fact) can sell it to Hyperion for ten million dollars. As part of the plan, Fiona puts on a cover as Lidia Strauss, an archaeologist who uncovered the key on Eden-6. After handing the key over to August, she and Felix then follow him and Sasha to the deal to monitor the situation.

When Rhys and Vaughn show up in place of Vasquez, Sasha immediately warns Fiona and Felix of Rhys' ECHO eye implant, which could pose a situation should he scan the key. Felix then builds an EMP detonator and gives it to Fiona, who sneaks in the World of Curiosities building to use it and disable Rhys' eye. The attempt, however, fails, and the fake key is discovered. At the same time, the deal is crashed by the bandit lord Bossanova, with the Vault Hunter Zer0 closing in behind. The briefcase containing the money is lost to Bossanova, while Rhys and Vaughn escape in Felix's caravan with Fiona and Sasha, leaving behind a vengeful August.

New Tales from the Borderlands

Fiona is revealed at the end of New Tales to be the audience for Marcus's narration. She then leaves to follow the shard spirit to the Gladius Nebula, but not before stealing Marcus's wallet.





  • Fiona is wanted for scamming, fraud, and quackery.
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    Fiona's wanted poster

  • According to Rhys's ECHO eye, Fiona is 29 years old.


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