Find Murderlin's Temple is an optional mission in Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep. Moxxi has another Circle of Slaughter, this one operated by Murderlin the Wizard.


"A world of magic and violence awaits!"


  • Go find Murderlin


Murderlin's Temple is located near the fast travel station in Flamerock Refuge, below the town via a series of catwalks on the side of the cliffs. Murderlin the Wizard stands alone within the temple, waiting to greet a new batch of gladiators for his Circle of Slaughter, and the objective is to simply locate him and turn the mission in.


"Prepare for the slaughter!"

Turn In: Murderlin the Wizard


  • The cave mouth to Murderlin's Temple is visible prior to acceptance of this mission, but the mission is required for the gate to appear.


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