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Fight for Sanctuary is a location in the Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary DLC for Borderlands 2. It only serves as the DLC-entry point as this location is a stripped down version of Sanctuary that is missing most of its inhabitants and is accessible only once by the means of fast travel or starting a boosted save.


Some time after the events of Tales from the Borderlands (and some apparent renovations of questionable utility), the surviving leaders of the Crimson Raiders are discussing their next move regarding their mission to find and open the vaults revealed by the Vault Key. Lilith has failed to take the reins of leadership once held by the much more confident Roland, resulting in a lack of progress towards their goal. Mordecai has been using the Vault Key as a drink-holder, to Tannis' horror. Suddenly, Sanctuary is attacked by an unknown enemy.




Points of Interest

Crimson Raiders HQ

Crimson Square