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Fight For Your Right To Part-E is an optional mission in Claptrap's New Robot Revolution given by Tannis.


"Tannis needs some more parts to complete her creation's Infinite Improbability Drive. If you can't find any lying around, just rip them out of some claptrap spines."



Fight For Your Right To Part E

Video walkthrough


Get some more claptrap components for Tannis.
  • Clap-Component: 0/42


Retrieve parts dropped from enemy Claptraps. The little robots spawn in all of the areas connected to Tartarus Station and can be destroyed easily. One claptrap part will drop with each kill, so the quota for this mission can be filled while actively engaging in other missions. Once the required number of parts are retrieved, the mission can be turned in to Tannis for the reward.


"Fantastic! This should limit the invention's Improbability factor to -42! Which is a big deal! Really!"


  • There are three kinds of claptrap parts to find.
    The following are on their item cards:
    • Gears: Gears can be used for anything, except for a lot of things.
    • Motherboard: The brains behind it all... It's not very big.
    • Wires: A tangled mess of claptrap innards. Tannis should get some use out of this.