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Fiery Skeletons are enemies encountered in the Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep that resemble a flaming skeleton armed with a sword.



Fiery Skeletons are slightly tougher than most other basic skeleton units. They are very fast and deal incendiary damage with every melee strike. They are also capable of shooting fireballs from their hands.

A Fiery Skeleton's critical hit point is its skull and this will sustain damage up to half the skeleton's health before being blasted away. The decapitated skull then becomes a "Fiery Skull" which can fly around and attack with quick melee attacks, whilst presenting a small and difficult target. The body also fights on, swinging blindly in random directions until it is destroyed.


  • Fiery Skull

    Fiery Skeletons have different names for each difficulty level:
    • Normal Mode: Fiery Skeleton
    • TVH Mode: Flaming Skeleton
    • UVH Mode: Infernal Skeleton
  • Destroying a Fiery Skeleton contributes to the Bone Breaker challenge in the challenge list.