Felix is a character who appears in Tales from the Borderlands.


An old con-artist living on Pandora, Felix is the adopted father of Fiona and Sasha with an ECHO eye/eye-patch over his right eye, balding head and grey hair and mustache. He cares deeply for the girls, even when he betrays them for profit, asking Fiona to take care of her sister.

Felix is a skilled engineer, forger and hacker which is evidenced when he creates an EMP detonator on the fly, creates a fake Vault Key to fence to Vasquez through August and has modified his own ECHOnet profile to remove any mention of his crimes.


When Fiona and Sasha were living on the streets they attempted to steal from Felix's pockets before being caught by the old thief. After catching the girls, he proceeded to teach them how to steal with improved technique before adopting them as his daughters / partners-in-crime.

At some time before the beginning of Fiona's side of the story in Zer0 Sum he directed Sasha to date August, a local thug and barman so that they could use him as a fence to sell a fake Vault Key to the Hyperion corporation in exchange for $1 Million. At the time Fiona's story takes place, he finishes creating the duplicate Key for Fiona to bring to August in the Purple Skag, expressly warning her not to let him touch it or the paint may come off, following shortly after to make sure Fiona and Sasha are safe. He also gives Fiona her Derringer, a single-shot pistol in case she feels threatened.

He enters just before the deal goes down, after Tector Hodunk tries to kill a patron of the bar who had betrayed August. At one point in the deal, Fiona can signal him to confirm she's safe or signal for his assistance. Either way, the deal is set up between August and Vasquez and August takes Sasha to the deal site at Shade's World of Curiosities while Fiona and Felix follow in the caravan.

They observe the deal via Sasha's radio a short distance away, while speaking to each other. Depending on choices, Felix will address whether Fiona let August touch the Vault Key, scolding her for her recklessness. However, after Sasha radios that one of Vasquez' lackies (actually Rhys and Vaughn there to steal the Vault Key for themselves) has an ECHO eye they immediately realize that their plan could fall apart the second he scans their fake Key. With Fiona's help, he creates an EMP detonator to fry the eye and send Fiona in to place it, having Sasha act as a distraction to get the case close enough that Fiona can place the device on that case.

After the EMP causes Rhys to drop the fake Vault Key, the arrival of Bossanova (who promptly steals Rhys and Vaughn's briefcase of money), his gang and Zer0 and the ensuring fight breaking out leaves their plans in ruins with no money for their scheme leaves the thieves co-operating with the former employees at Hyperion in order to steal the case of money back from Bossanova, with Felix waiting in the caravan to act as the getaway driver.

After the struggle to retrieve the case leads to Felix driving onto the track and grabbing the case while Fiona enters the (still-moving) caravan. Only when she's inside does Felix aim his gun at her and reveal he's going to betray her and Sasha. He drives into a bunk whilst distracted, crashing the vehicle which gets stuck. He eventually climbs out of the car's window and runs for it, before trying to open the case of money for himself.

No matter what happens to him, he will set off the bomb in the briefcase, causing the destruction of the ten million dollars stored inside.


Felix's fate is first determined at the end of Episode One after crashing the car whilst the player is still controlling Fiona. Whatever choice you make will be remembered by Sasha.

  • After Felix pushes the caravan down the hill, Fiona can tell Felix about the bomb in the case, causing him to throw it away when he realizes that it's armed. He survives but escapes to appear in a future episode.
    • He would appear amongst those Vault Hunter whom you could hire (with August, Athena, Janey Springs, Cassius Leclemaine, Zer0, and the Mystery Vault Hunter). He also would provide you additional $9 million if chosen (also requiring a member change since he won't join the battle), giving you a chance to hire the Mystery Vault Hunter.
  • Similar to the above, only Fiona can refuse to tell Felix about the bomb, telling him to 'Choke on it!' While he tries to give parting words to his step-daughter, the bomb detonates, killing him instantly.
  • If the player didn't fire the Derringer at August Fiona can draw the gun and use it to shoot Felix before he can kick the car down the hill. This won't kill him outright but he'll attempt to open the case, causing it to explode. Fiona will still say 'Choke on it' while his last words are that Fiona 'was always his favorite', dying in the explosion before he can finish the last word.


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