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Felicity Rampant is a boss in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, formed from the fusion of a prototype constructor body, a warship AI core, laser turrets, a grenade turret and a pair of digitigrade robot legs scavenged from another robot.


Felicity Rampant is first encountered as a boss during the mission Let's Build a Robot Army, after Felicity's consciousness is forced into the constructor bot that Jack plans to use to take back Helios. Jack orders Felicity's personality stripped of anything except military code, but she retains enough personality to take over the bot and attack the Vault Hunters.

While a durable opponent, Felicity Rampant starts the fight clumsily, as she is still "getting used" to her new body. Her initial attacks are inaccurate, but she soon improves and begins digistructing loaders to assist her in the battle. Once her health is depleted, Felicity Rampant is left completely disabled with her memory wiped, and awaits instructions from Jack.

Later, in the Claptastic Voyage DLC, a digital representation of Felicity Rampant is encountered again during the mission 5UP4-3G0-TP, which is Claptrap's attempt to assuage his guilt at being complicit in the destruction of Felicity. She is an ally in that mission and assists the Vault Hunters in the battle, and it's implied that Claptrap's version of Felicity isn't aware that the Vault Hunters were also responsible for her demise.



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  • Felicity Rampant has an increased chance to drop the legendary Quasar grenade mod, as well as unique head customizations for each class.
  • She will begin to drop white rarity loot when her health is low enough.
  • In some cases, she may get stuck on the platform she spawns, making her invincible. The only fix is to quit to the main menu and reload the save file.


  • Felicity Rampant's version in Claptastic Voyage has several unique attributes:
    • It does not have the powersuit legs and is permanently airborne, preventing it from using the incendiary nova attack. Additionally, it does not move at all, and can only rotate.
    • It has its original turrets, but cannot digistruct other units, and lacks the missile attack.
    • It can take damage from enemies but cannot be destroyed, as the mission must be turned in to it.