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Felicity (initially known as the Skipper) is an artificial intelligence in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. She is first met aboard the wreckage of the Dahl warship Drakensburg, during the story mission Intelligences of the Artificial Persuasion.


Skipper was formerly an AI that supposedly served a critical role when the Drakensburg was functional. When the ship was destroyed, she was still active, but stuck in the chassis. The Bosun took over with his gang of Scavs and modified her into his accomplice. Unknown to the Bosun, she resented him after he reprogrammed her and was looking for a chance to escape.


When the Skipper first contacts the Vault Hunters, she retracts the bridge over the lava pit between the methane refinery in Outlands Spur and Pity's Fall, acting on the orders of the Bosun. When the Bosun destroys the bridge after the Vault Hunters attempt to extend it again, she lightly scolds the Bosun for destroying their only bridge.

After the Vault Hunters enter the Drakensburg itself in search of a military AI, the Skipper asks them to free her from the Bosun with the incentive of knowing where they can find the AI. Throughout the Vault Hunters' exploration of the Drakensburg, she aids them by warning them of the Bosun's forces, when she will be forced to attempt to stop them and doing her best to keep the Bosun in a false sense of security. When the Vault Hunters find her, her true identity of the AI they were searching for is revealed, where she reveals that she knows how to get to Titan Industrial Facility.

During the journey, she announces that due to her changed circumstances, she would like to change her name to Felicity, due to its meaning of "happiness" and helps the Vault Hunters navigate the factory. After meeting Gladstone and learning of his construction of a prototype constructor, Jack announces that he intends to install her into it, which Felicity is resistant to, but remains supportive of the construction of the constructor itself.

As the construction progresses, she asks Jack to copy her rather than install her into the constructor. Jack thinks about her proposition as the construction progresses and Felicity becomes more desperate. After the construction is finished, Felicity desperately begs one more time to be copied, saying that the process would take no longer than a couple of days. Jack deems this too slow. Not wanting to put additional risk on Elpis, he instructs the Vault Hunters to install her against her wishes. Gladstone continually apologizes as the process begins and Felicity notes that she can hear herself dying. As the prototype constructor rises again, Felicity declares her last-ditch effort at saving herself: "If hate's all you want, that's what you get!", attacking the Vault Hunters as Felicity Rampant as Gladstone attempts to regain control before deducing that the only way to do so is to disable the constructor first. As the constructor slumps over, deactivated, Felicity's personality is destroyed and the very first constructor is created.



  • Each Vault Hunter has a different reaction to being forced to install Felicity, ranging from not caring (Wilhelm, Nisha, Aurelia), to being immensely distressed (Claptrap, Athena, Jack's body double).


  • The word "skipper" is a nautical term for a person in command of a vessel.
  • Felicity's dialogue will sometimes replay when the character revisits Titan Industrial Facility.
  • If the character has the Boganella equipped and it starts swearing, Felicity will negatively comment on its speech. However, this can be difficult to hear, as the Boganella often drowns out her audio.
  • Her ECHO image will be colored in green after the character reaches the AI Hub.

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