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Feeder Rakk are blue-ish white with slightly darker blue splotch-stripes running down the length of their fat lower bodies and tails. Like the common rakk they are most often encountered either circling in the sky, or hanging upside down. Feeder Rakk often drop cash and ammo when they die, and occasionally shields as well. For this reason, it's best to wait before swatting down Feeder Rakk so their items can be easily picked up. Rarely they can come in trees in a flock.



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  • On the underside of their bodies there is a source of bright light which comes on and off in regular intervals. Power source for this light and its purpose is unknown.
  • In Playthrough 2 they are renamed Forager Rakk, and in Playthrough 2.5 they are renamed Cultivator Rakk.