Fanatics are enemies encountered in Borderlands 3. Composed largely of Pandora's bandit horde and the Calypso Twin's rabid "fanbase", they serve as the mainline infantry of the COV.

Unlike the bandits in previous Borderlands' games, they wear a variety of outfits, possess different hairstyles, and may appear with face masks and/or face paint. They are armed with SMGs or Assault Rifles and do not wear shields.



  • Taking down Vault Thieves! Hell Yeah! (Male)
  • You're gonna get purged Heretic! (Male)
  • I'm almost Eridium Tier! (Male)
  • I'm gonna live forever! (Male)
  • Blessed are the meek, for they are not full of bullet holes! (Male)
  • Come at me poser! (Male)
  • I protect the family! (Male)
  • Eat lead, or laser, or whatever! (Female)
  • Kill! KILL! KILL!!! (Female)
  • Get chopped Heretic! (Female)
  • My life sucks, and I'm taking it out on YOU! (Female)
  • I'm going to sit down and think about my life choices! (Female)
  • Tyreen's gonna drink soup out of your skull, cold ones, like gazpacho! (Female)
  • My chili recipe dies with me! (Male - dying)
  • You'll remember my name, which is...*bleh*... (Male - dying)
  • Tell my kids I wish they were born! (Male - dying)
  • With my last breath...I curse...Claptrap... (Male - dying)
  • Make me into a stew! (Male - dying)
  • I demand a sky burial! (Male - dying)
  • I die, so that that family may live... (Male - dying)
  • The Darkness embraces me! (Male - dying)
  • It ends in silence! (Male - dying)
  • Into the arms of Tyreen! (Male - dying)
  • Tell Tyreen I'm sorry! (Male - dying)
  • I become chaos... (Male - dying)
  • Finally! My reward! (Male - dying)
  • I recommend the flank steak (Female - dying)
  • Pair me with...a nice red... (Female - dying)
  • Sprinkle me with paprika... (Female - dying)
  • Use...every part of me... (Female - dying)
  • Eat my ass, scrub! (Female - dying)
  • Killed by a scrub... (Female - dying)
  • I've failed you... (Female - dying)
  • Tyreen said we'd be strong... (Female - dying)
  • They couldn't...protect me... (Female - dying)
  • The Great Vault...beckons.... (Female - dying)
  • The Great Vault
  • I had a line for this! (Female - dying)



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