Nisha Skill Tree 2

Fan the Hammer is Nisha's second skill tree. This skill tree focuses on increased non-elemental damage and Showdown ability, making Nisha a real quick killer. Her other skill trees are Law & Order and The Riflewoman.


Tier 1
  • Saddle Up - Kill Skill. Killing an enemy grants you increased Movement Speed by +4% and Gun Damage by +5% per rank, for a short time.
  • Ruthless - Kills made during Showdown extend its duration by +0.1 second per rank.
Tier 2
  • Magnificent Six - The last six bullets of any Non-Elemental gun deal extra damage.
  • Bottled Courage - Triggering Showdown restores some of your shields. While Showdown is on cooldown, you gain improved Shield Recharge Rate and Recharge Delay.
Tier 3
  • Short Fused - Kill Skill. Killing an enemy gives your shots bonus Explosive damage for several seconds. Closer enemies take additional damage.
Tier 4
  • Faster 'n You - Kill Skill. Killing an enemy increases your Fire Rate, Weapon Swap, and Reload Speed for several seconds.
  • Pickpocket - Melee attacks steal up to six bullets from an enemy, loading them instantly into your currently-equipped gun.
  • Gunslinger - Reloads a portion of your gun's magazine when Showdown begins, and when it ends.
Tier 5
  • Hell's Comin' With Me! - Reloading or topping off your gun with Pickpocket gives you a brief chance to fire twice.
  • High Noon - You gain additional gun damage the longer you stay in Showdown.
Tier 6
  • One for Each of Ya - Equipping a Pistol spawns an exact duplicate of that gun in your off hand.

Nisha skills
Law & Order Fan the Hammer The Riflewoman
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