Failure to Communicate is a challenge in Borderlands 2, in the Highlands region. The challenge is to shoot four barrel-shaped antennas in various locations around the map.

Antenna Locations

  1. On the top of the north-western tower in the large Hyperion base in the east (Aggregate Acquisition). This can be shot from Overlook with a sniper rifle. The tower has a Vault symbol on it that is visible from Overlook.
  2. South-East of the map, at the top of the Isotope Reclamation Tower tower. Can be seen by looking east-southeast from the Hyperion Bridge Fast-Travel station.
  3. South from Hyperion Bridge, on the (unreachable) far shore. Facing the map exit to Opportunity and turning left, there is a small tower on the far shore with the antenna on top.
  4. North-East of the map, on top of the tower that is located just above the Catch-A-Ride station nearby the Extraction Plant Fast-Travel station. (This antenna can also be shot from Overlook with a weapon possessing high accuracy).

It is possible to snipe three of these targets from two different locations:

  • In Aggregate Acquisition, south west of the elevated bridge, the first, second and fourth targets can be seen from a single spot.
  • At Isotope Reclamation Tower, after climbing the rock headland just east of the tower until the third target can be seen to the south. It, the one on top of the Isotope Reclamation Tower and the first target can all be seen from this spot.


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