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Fade Away is the Action Skill of FL4K's Stalker skill tree. Activating this skill renders FL4K invisible to enemies. FL4K can fire up to three shots while cloaked, and each shot will be an automatic critical hit, however with damage different to that of an actual critical hit. FL4K gains increased movement speed and health regeneration during this time.


  • Fade Away Critical Hit Damage: +200%
  • Cloaked Movement Speed: +25%
  • Health Regeneration: +3% of Max Health per second
  • Duration: 15 seconds
  • Cooldown: 45 seconds



A Fade Away hit doesn't deal the same damage as a regular critical hit as it is calculated differently. Also, it matters where the enemy is hit, hitting their critical spot does more damage than a body shot even though "Critical!" pops up either way.

Basically, Fade Away adds regular damage × Fade Away bonus on top of any hit:

FadeAwayBodyShotDMG = NormalDMG × (100% + FadeAwayBonus)
FadeAwayCritSpotDMG = CritDMG + NormalDMG × FadeAwayBonus

Where NormalDMG is the damage of a regular hit without Fade Away, and CritDMG the damage of a critical hit without Fade Away. FadeAwayBonus is 200% by default but is modified by Guerrillas in the Mist and Unblinking Eye.


  • Weapons with bonus critical damage like the Unforgiven or Monocle will not apply that bonus in Fade Away if the actual critical spot is not hit, even though the damage number will show "Critical!"
  • Fade Away does not receive benefits from increases to Action Skill damage.
  • FL4K can melee as many times as they can while cloaked, providing a strong early game strategy that's useful for chipping in extra damage with each use of Fade Away.

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