FIX Loaders are loaders appearing in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. They are primarily maintenance robots, tasked with sundry repair and maintenance duties.


FIX Loaders are first encountered during Lost Legion Invasion, where Cowardly FIX Loaders often appear in areas throughout Helios Station, running from the Lost Legion and collapsing into themselves and quivering when shot at.

FIX Loaders later appear in the Lunar Launching Station, performing maintenance in various locations. Unlike the Cowardly FIX Loaders from Helios Station, FIX Loaders here are ignored by the Lost Legion.

Jack has grand plans for the FIX Loaders, and during the final steps of the mission Watch Your Step, informs the Vault Hunters of a software package he has downloaded to their systems to make them combat ready. Upon activation, the newly christened GUN Loaders attack the Lost Legion alongside the Vault Hunters throughout the Lunar Launching Station, and during the final push through Vorago Solitude, Jack sends several down to the moon's surface as an ally to the Vault Hunters.

During and after the mission Things That Go Boom, FIX Loaders can also become EXP Loaders, which proceed to run to the nearest Lost Legion enemy and explode.



  • After Watch Your Step and Things That Go Boom, any FIX Loader can be switched into either a GUN Loader or an EXP Loader. However, once the respective run-time has overridden the FIX Loaders, they cannot be switched from one to the other.
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