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FISH SLAP! is a unique enemy encountered during the quest Revenge of the Cartels: Ultraviolet Nights for Borderlands 3.


FISH SLAP! can appear both while the Vault Hunter is acquiring the coordinates to locate Villa Ultraviolet and during the assault on the mansion itself.



FISH SLAP! behaves like a Badass Psycho with the evolution capabilities of a Goliath.

FISH SLAP! has three phases, each of which will make him immune to damage as he transforms, while fully replenishing his health. He will transform into the following:

  • His first form is a tink with a single red health bar.
  • Upon losing his health bar, FISH SLAP! transforms into Badass Psycho, adding another bar of health.
  • After losing all bars of health, FISH SLAP! will grow in size even more and his fish will turn golden. He will gain a bar of armor (for a total of 1 armor bar and 2 health bars), and will be shielded by a dome that does Radiation damage if entered. This dome will be broken once drops to one bar of health, after which he will revert back to his tink form.


  • FISH SLAP! has an increased chance of dropping the legendary Fish Slap grenade mod.
  • Each time FISH SLAP! enters a new phase, his name gains an extra exclamation point, becoming FISH SLAP!! during the second phase and FISH SLAP!!! during the final phase.


  • FISH SLAP! is a reference to a popular joke loadout in Team Fortress 2, in which a Scout uses a melee weapon known as the Holy Mackerel (a fish wrapped in newspaper) to slap enemies in the face.
    • The enemy's name is based off the kill feed message that occurs on a kill with the Holy Mackerel (FISH KILL!).
    • FISH SLAP! wears a dented top hat. This is based on the Ghastly Gibus, a similar hat that is commonly associated with new players of the game.