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This is the FAQ. It answers frequently asked, or common questions.


What is Borderlands?[]

Borderlands is a series of games, and game tie-ins, set on a violent and chaotic world in a science fiction environment.


87 Bazillion Guns?[]

Borderlands has an extraordinarily high number of weapons, the final count being over 17 million (as stated by the head developer at a midnight release, "Only I know exactly how many guns there are, and the number is well over 17 million). Each weapon is created through a complex procedural generation process. See Gearbot for more information.

Roleplaying Shooter?[]

Borderlands takes classic shooters such as Call of Duty and Halo and adds RPG elements to them. Gearbox Software aims to make a game that hardcore FPS players can just pick up and know how to play, but offer a depth of play that you can only really get from story driven role playing games. Gearbox claims they are coming at roleplaying shooters from a different direction than others that have attempted this before. Fallout 3 is a RPG; even though Fallout 3 has guns, it is not a shooter. Borderlands comes at the game from the shooter side and puts RPG elements on top, i.e. skill trees and character classes. Borderlands is a mix of Half-Life (classic FPSs), Diablo (classic RPGs), with Left 4 Dead (4-player co-op) all thrown together with Mad Max and more sodium!

Parental Advisory?[]

Borderlands and its first person shooter sequels offer a violent and bloody style of gameplay. The Borderlands Wiki has some parental advisory information compiled here.


What is this site?[]

The Borderlands Wiki is a wiki containing a repository of knowledge about Borderlands, its spinoffs, and sequels.

How do I edit a page?[]

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