Extreme Hangin' Chadd is a unique pistol in Borderlands 3 manufactured by COV. Extreme Hangin' Chadd is obtained from the mission Swamp Bro located in Floodmoor Basin, on Eden-6.

Special Weapon Effects

So Chadd's not even real? – Always incendiary. Fires 2 bullets per shot. Does not consume ammo. Significantly extended overheat limit. Fixed parts.

Usage & Description

The Extreme Hangin' Chadd works as a reasonable substitute for an incendiary Infinity.

It should be used for short to medium-range combat with hip fire as the flames around the sights makes it difficult to aim while scoped. The low accuracy of COV weapons makes long-range shooting impractical unless aiming at large enemies.


The effects of the Chadd's constant overheating on the weapon's sight.

  • The Chadd synergizes well with elemental builds (the best example being Amara) or incendiary-focused skills (Moze). It also benefits from skills that increase gun damage the longer it is fired (Click, Click...).
  • The Chadd is an excellent utility weapon to refill pistol ammo if the player has a skill or anointment that regenerates pistol ammo. The Chadd can grant over 100 pistol ammo per second with only 15% ammo regeneration per second, for example. This can be done with Moze if she has a point in Redistribution or Forge, or any character using the Bloody Harvest exclusive ammo regen Terror anointment on a shield.
    • Paired with a Tediore weapon, such as the Baby Maker, Moze can reload and switch back to the Chadd to refill on ammo.
  • The Chadd can still be fired even if the character is out of pistol ammo.
  • FL4K can regain ammo when landing critical hits using the Leave No Trace skill, despite all other COV pistols not working with the skill.
  • As it is a mission reward, it cannot have an anointment.


  • The name refers to a "Hanging Chad", which is a partially hole-punched ballot card (or chads) with its corners still intact.
  • The red text refers to a skit by the Derrick Comedy group where Donald Glover's character, upon realizing he was duped in an investigative sting, says: "So, Chadd's not even real? You guys just played me like a sap, for the big scoop?"
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