Expertise is a Tier One Skill in Axton's Gunpowder tree. It increases Axton's Weapon Swap Speed and Aim Speed. Also, Axton's Movement Speed is increased while aiming.

Expertise is boosted by the Legendary Soldier and Slayer of Terramorphous class mods. This skill has interesting synergy with the weapon Greed which allows full runspeed while aiming.


  • Weapon Swap Speed Speed: +14% per level
  • Aim Speed: +14% per level
  • Movement Speed: +7% per level


Level 1 2 3 4 5
Weapon Swap Speed +14% +28% +42% +56% +70%
Aim Speed +14% +28% +42% +56% +70%
Movement Speed +7% +14% +21% +28% +35%


  • With enough points in Expertise, aiming down the sights of Greed can allow Axton to run somewhat faster than sprint speed. He can run significantly faster than a sprint if he also equips either Legendary Class Mod.

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